SMEntertaimant Blabs About How Awesome SNSD Is

SME Entertainment discusses SNSD, or Shoujo Jidai’s booming success in Japan, as well as their plans for the future of the group.

SNSD, also known as Shoujo Jidai, has taken Japan’s music industry by storm, attracting over 22,000 fans to their first showcase last month on the 25th, even before the release of “GENIE”. Broadcasting companies have kept SNSD in the spotlight, as they have already been featured in “NHK News Watch 9″ and in the pages of “Sankei Sports” and “Yomiuri”.

Thie first Japanese release “Genie” managed to rank #5 on the Oricon music charts, proving to be fair competition for popular Japanese artists like ARASHI and GLAY. “Genie” continued to climb the charts, securing a #4 ranking the second day after its release, and reaching an impressive #2 by day 11. As of last week, the single has reportedly sold 45,000 copies, which makes it the most debut singles a foreign female artist group has ever sold in Japan. In regards to this developement, Oricon representatives had this to say, “With many K-pop girl groups entering the Japanese market this year, the true stars of the phenomenon have been leading a good start.”

There have also been rumors circulating of SNSD making an apperance on NHK’s “Kouhaku Uta Gassen”. Popularly known as “Kouhaku”, it is a famous program aired anually on December 31st showcasing only the best artists of that year. An invitation to appear on “Kouhaku” is coveted amongst Japanese artists, and would contribute greatly to positive promotions for the idol group. SNSD has also been nominated for Japan Billboard’s “Top Pop Artist of 2010″.

Pop culture critic Lee Moon Won had this to say, “It’s because SNSD is expensive. The Japanese recognize the high quality of Korean music and SNSD has managed to capitalize on that.” He continued, “SNSD entered Japan with high quality marketing tactics used by other Hollywood top stars such as Mariah Carey and Madonna.”

Nam So Young, a representative of SM Entertainment revealed, “The majority of Japan’s mass public considers SNSD as artists. They are not just figures of interest but of admiration. Standard Japanese girl groups target the maleotaku fanbase and focus on cute concepts. SNSD, on the other hand, has gone for a more luxurious image. About 80% of their Japanese fans are female, and Japanese females stand at the center of their mass culture. Because of such reason, the popularity of SNSD will continue to rise.”

Another representative of SM, Kim Young Min, also commented, “We were able to make such a decision because we knew that SNSD’s popularity had reached Japan through internet sites such as Youtube.”

There have also been rumors of SNSD’s debut in Japan resulting as a product of their waning populariy in Korea. Representative Nam So Young had this to say in reply, “No, we waited for the right time. Korea was used as the base in order to form that luxurious image out of their popularity. We waited for it to ripen before we took them overseas.” She also continued to say, “Should everything go accordingly, SNSD will be able to start a country-wide tour in Japan next year.”

Shoujo Jidai is set to release a Japanese version of “GEE” on October 20th.

cr: asiaholics

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