SuJu Shindong resembles Nickhun? “Khun-ah, sorry!”

Member of male group Super Junior, Shindong, has attracted people’s attention by posting a picture which showed him and 2PM member Nickhun on his twitter account.

Posted on Sept 17th afternoon a picture using “Search Result of Artist Resemblance*”‘s program showed Shindong and Nickhun are resemble by 23 % while Shindong and singer Hong Kyungmn resemble by 15%.

Along with the picture, Shindong wrote “Been along time! Why Chuseok special preparation is so hard~ Khun-ah, so sorry!”

Fans who saw this commented, “Resemble 34 years old man, it’s a shocking result”, “Oppa is handsome too!”, “Whoa~ Bravo. So handsome!”, “HAHAHAHA (sounds of laughter)”, and many more interesting reaction.

T/N: The picture shows that Shindong is resemble 34 years old man the most, while Nickhun (23 years old) is in 4th position and Hong Kyungmin (35 years old) is the 5th.

*A korean app which you can install into iphone.

c r e d i t s ;
Original Source: asiatoday
English Translation:

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