Yesung is the member that Hankyung envies the most!

According to his name, Yesung is the one who has an artistic voice within the big group Super Junior; he is the one that Hankyung envies, praises, and he possesses a unique yet perfect voice.

He – is the one who has been affectionately named “Cloud Prince” (and) “Big head” by ELFs, sings with a heavenly voice on stage, (is) a singer with a voice that mesmerizes; He is a boy who is sometimes uncommunicative, sometimes silent, sometimes playful; One who feels grateful when receiving praise, one who feels sad when he misses his parents, one who has an open heart even after being hurt by fans, one who has grown up together with SUPER JUNIOR, quietly contributing to the group, being a good friend to the rest of his members!

(When) I first got to know Super Junior, Yesung did not really leave an impression on me. Amongst Hankyung, Heechul and the other pretty boys, he did not stand out. In MVs and programs, he always sat quietly behind the other members, not making his presence known. However, following the formation of KRY, I slowly started to understand and know him better, Yesung- a man born to sing; one who used his experiences and continual hard work to become an even more handsome star! His voice, rugged sexiness, hypnotic yet smooth, even when singing with others, it still retains its unique flavor, making it unforgettable. No matter if it’s a lively dance song, or a deep ballad… His artistic voice will leave one mesmerized. Maybe it’s because of this that Yesung is the member that Hankyung envies the most!

I remember countless times in which I heard Hankyung telling reporters about Yesung, and every time he talks about his unique voice, he does it with an air of admiration. And in this year’s birthday party, when Hankyung introduced himself, he said that he was Hankyung with an artistic voice. Although he said it carelessly, and also because of that, it showed me the envy and admiration Geng had for Yesung, and only because Geng had that constant admiration and appreciation for Yesung’s voice, it led to him unconsciously joke about himself being Hankyung with an artistic voice! I always thought that Geng and Yesung were of the same type, both with rich personalities from different elements. Deep in thought when they are quiet, warm when they are gentle, playful when they are joking around, cheeky when they are teasing others; sad when they miss their family members, share their feelings openly with the other members, smile when they see their fans, silently tolerate when they are accidentally hurt by fans, like to be independent, these two men of the same age like to enjoy peaceful surroundings.

I think geng also likes the fact that both Yesung and him have a habit of standing quietly behind the other members, secretly protecting and being the members’ older brother. When one sees geng. you can also often see Yesung’s silhoutte.Yesung- whenever he is with Geng he’ll often put his hand over his shoulder ;put up pictures of himself with Geng on his CY;go up on stage to collect prizes while holding on to Hangeng’s waist.

During twins promotion, whenever someone asked about the prettiest boy in the group, everyone would point to heechul, but he would point to Hangeng; whenever anyone talked about the best dancers in the group, the previously silent yesung would say:” and there’s Hangeng”; even during games, he would fight for geng, preventing the other members would purposely let geng receive punishment! Even in these little snippets, we can see the love and protection Yesung has for geng.
As for geng, I think he also likes this boy who’s only a few months apart from him, who’s also a fellow babysitter in Super Junior, sometimes he’s like an older brother that he can depend on, sometimes a playful little brother that he is jealous of! Hangeng has said in countless interviews that Yesung has an artistic voice. Before they went up their debut stage Geng whispered to Yesung, telling him his feelings. Geng also wishes Yesung happy birthday in chinese on broadcasts, celebrates his birthday with him, he even played with yesung and donghae at the CK event!

It seems like these two people with very different charms are on the same wavelength, they have similar feelings!

During TWINS promotion period, whenever Geng was intervewed, Yesung would stand quietly by his side and listen to his words. and when the microphone ws directed towards yesung, he would call himself the prince from China; During Geng’s birthday in 06, when members spun Geng around till he fell over, it was also Yesung who as the first to reach hs hand out to pull Geng up. Durin 06 SM TOWN Summer album promotion, the two of them and Jaejoong were close together, full of smiles and playing innocent jokes on one another.

There are times that they were together, times when geng and donghae were fooling around…but the two of them will forever me silently standing behind the other members, being their member’s most reliable protectors, those that give their brothers security.

As time passes, experiences become richer, ages increase, the both of them will become more charismatic, become more and more charming, with more and more ability to move people’s hearts… The two of them, if there were ever two pieces of land and sky that would keep metamorphosing, endlessly rising up to the skies, displaying their individual talents that are as dazzling as the sun on stages, exuding their own unique charm, making people helplessly intoxicated, I wouldn’t want to miss this metamorphosis.

The two of them are as quiet as clouds, gentle, but still frequently changing, men with unmeasurable charm, both are honest men with many different sides to their personality, loved by ages , who have become more charismatic and dazzling after training, I believe that in the future they will develop into more perfect men, who are not inferior in any aspect to anything under the sun, that they will hold on to their dreams and never give them up and just keep running forward…

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6 responses to “Yesung is the member that Hankyung envies the most!

  1. hi,I’m a fan of super junior!
    I really want to know every news about them..please send me information about them..
    thank you 🙂

  2. hurm..i dont know about this fact,but it is interesting to know that they are actually that close.. i always think that they are totally different!ottoke???

  3. Yesung really really have amazing voice, a voice from heaven, that’s why other members envy to him. Many elf do not know him, because many in his part song, the camera caught the more handsome guys…. Look at sexy free and single, when eunhyuk does dance alone, the lyric is mugobdago and bla,,bla…bla…it’s yesung’s part!

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