f(x)’s Victoria is too scared to go under the knife?

f(x)’s leader, Victoria, is currently known to be one of the hottest variety idols on the market, having become a regular member of G7 on KBS Invincible Youth, and of course, filming as a hot virtual couple with 2PM’s Nichkhun.

Victoria recently took part in an interview with newspaper company Joongang Ilbo, where they discussed Victoria’s thoughts on beauty and her own beauty know-hows.

Plastic surgery is a common happening amongst idol groups as of late, but when asked whether she has ever received plastic surgery herself, Victoria replied, “I’m really scared of needles. Not too long ago I went to Africa to film a show, and I had to receive a vaccination. I was so scared. I can’t even dream of plastic surgery.”

Victoria also revealed she was an “ugly” baby. She explained, “My mother’s skin was like a white gem, but my skin was dark and my eyes were so big they could pop out. My family was even worried that they may have swapped babies in the hospital.”

As a member of a girl group where netizens’ hawk-like eyes work their best, it’s hard for members like Victoria to not diet. “There was a time when all I ate was pumpkin soup to lose weight, so much that my skin turned yellow.” She continued, “Even if it tastes yucky, I like all foods that are healthy for my body. These days the scale is out to get me again. I’ve almost stopped eating all rice, and I get away with eating one peach, one carrot, and one cucumber, and other various vegetables for dinner.”

In regards to skin management, she revealed she puts in the most effort into hydrating her skin by doing a facial wine mask every night before bed.

In contrast to the skin exposing outfits that are currently a popular trend amongst girl groups these days, Victoria is quite conservative, and chooses to stay away from revealing outfits. Her stylist mentioned, “She avoids outfits with over-the-top designs, as well as clothes with frills or lace.” A tube top that showed off her shoulder line is the most she has ever “exposed’”of herself.

Lastly,Victoria added she is not the type to buy designer bags or shoes. She explained, “Except for a bag I received as a present, I don’t buy designer bags or clothes. I give all the money I earn to my mother. I want to quickly earn money so I can buy my parents a big house.”

Source: Allkpop
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6 responses to “f(x)’s Victoria is too scared to go under the knife?

  1. Victoria, you are an insperation to all young girls in this world today, you show that just being your natural self, without having to dressed or act slutty is the most feminine beautiful thing you can do for ones self.
    You have my admoration, you are amazing 🙂
    I hope you reach the top of everything you strive for in your life gorgeous Victoria x

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