Heechul and Donghae choose friendship than love

* This was an extraction from 260810′s Youngstreet *

Before debut, when 21 years old, there is a girl that both me and Donghae like. Then when I found out that Donghae likes her too, I hope he will be with her, so I keep telling her good things about Donghae. One day when I was chatting with the girl, she said “Why did you always talk about Donghae when you see me, and he will always talk good things about you when he sees me?!” In the end, both of us didn’t succeed, Donghae says it is better this way…

Because of this incident, I feel that when faced with friendship and love, a man will choose friendship..

Before debut, because I broke something, manager asked “WHO DID IT?!” And Donghae and I both tell the manager “I did it!”, this is truly the brotherhood/ loyalty of man…

I’m different from you. Friendship is priority to me! In love, it is just a man and a woman. There are so many women out there but it is different for friends! Where will I go find another friend like Donghae?! Friendship is my priority!!

Chinese translation: 梦希,影素,韧霜
Extracted translated by: minoko2440 @ sapphirepearls.com
Take out with full credits and DO NOT AMEND THE CREDIT AT ALL

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