A Letter from Home (By Han Geng’s father)

To know a person well, it’s a good way to know what kind of person of his/her parents first. This is the letter from Han Geng’s father. I am greatly touched by the words in it. There are so many words in it which are familiar to me, as my father used the same words a lot to talk with me, hoping me to be well. I do not know what to say now, only wishing more people will know the real Han Geng better through his father’s words.

My Dear Son,

You’ve been so busy recently! It’s been a long time since the last time we have a chat. How’s your cold? Dad miss you a lot. Do take good care of yourself during the busy work.You know that, Only in good health can you devote in your work in best condition.

Dad know that you work really hard and there’s a great pressure on you. Dad hope that you can learn to reduce the pressure for yourself, so that you may get into the groove in front of the audiences and won’t disappoint the great number of supporters.

Since you’ve chosen to go into it, you have to undertake all those things a public figure should undertake. Not only flower and applause, but also hard sweat and hardworking. Whenever you should have the audiences in mind. Think of the supporters both at home and abroad, then you shall have strength to overcome all difficulties.

You are a person with strong character, sincere, kind-hearted, hardworking and filial piety. These are good points. But you have scanty experience of life, you are inexperienced, with an unsophisticated mind. I hope those won’t become the short board of your career development. I hope you can think more when you meet all kinds of things and learn the strength of others. I believe that you can properly handle the relations of all forces. The old man will always be the powerful backing for you.

Everything is fine with me. Don’worry about us. Remember me to the Taiwan compatriots. Best wishes for their hapiness and health.

When you come back, there will be a a whole meal in a jiffy which you like for you at home!

Yours forever,


The original letter(credit to as tagged & Shen Chunhua’s Live Show):

Translated by yukicorn @ GENG-BAO.net
Take out only with full credit!

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