SHINee’s Minho Outfit from Andre Kim’s Show Remade

What was the late Andre Kim’s dress made of that made Seo In-Young surprised?

Recently on a recording of SBS ‘Star King’s Surprising Contest,’ the show paid a commemorative fashion show to the master of fashion who was struck with sad news not to long ago, the late Andre Kim.

The main man of the balloon-replicated Andre Kim fashion show was balloon artist Hongki (41). The special fashion show he prepared was actually Andre Kim’s fashion show with Seo In-Young and Jo Hye Ryeon, and revealed a balloon replica of the wardrobe worn by SHINee Minho.

As a representative for the entertainment world, Seo In-Young personally wore the balloon dress and exclaimed the balloon version was made exactly according to detail, volume and embroidery pattern as Andre Kim’s fashion show dresses.

The balloon-made dress is approximately 2,000,000 KRW (~1,680.53 USD) to 3,000,000 KRW (~2,520.80 USD) to cover the time of artist’s labor and the cost of materials.

Seo In-Young was surprised by the size of the balloon high heel, singing ‘Cinderella’ while going inside of it, expressing her endless love for the shoe. Will air August 28th at 6PM.

source Nate News
(full article here)
credit weareshining (WRS)
translation Joodit@WRS

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