f(x)’s Sulli Voted As #1 Pocket Girl

f(x) member Sulli was picked #1 for the most wanted girl to have in everyone’s pocket.

A poll was held on Nate from the 16th of August to the 23rd with the title of ‘Who is the girl idol you would like to carry around in your pocket’.

Sulli won 1st place in the votes with 39% of the total votes coming towards her. The youngest member of f(x) is currently the MC of a music program and has had experience in the acting field in childhood. Although the group debuted recently, her adorable, charming smile and fashion is attracting a lot of fans worldwide.

Next on the poll was T-ara member JiYeon who received 30% of the total votes, reaching 2nd place on the poll results. 3rd was Kara member Kang JiYoung with 17% of the votes and 4th was SNSD member SeoHyun with 14% of the total votes.

Source: newsen.com

Translationnetizensusadae @ kpoplive.com

Shared by smtownjjang

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