DJ DOC Delivers Their Second Apology to BoA

DJ DOC delivered a gift and performance as their second apology to BoA.

On the 20th, DJ DOC joined BoA for her encore stage on KBS 2TV Music Bank, after she won for the second week in a row for Hurricane Venus.

DJ DOC danced along when the song started playing, expressing their apology. Lee Haneul also shared a warm hug with BoA on stage, furthering his apology, which BoA accepted with a bright smile.

After her encore performance ended, DJ DOC visited BoA in her waiting room, where they delivered a gift and another honest apology.

This entire ordeal happened when DJ DOC was accused of behaving unprofessionally when BoA won on a past episode of Music Bank.

Lee Haneul delivered a message through his Twitter the following day saying, “Did it look real? I think this incident was a bit harsh as well. I will prepare an honest apology.” The group appeared on Inkigayo the next day with a banner reading ‘First Apology’, catching the attention of fans.

SourceMoon Yeon Bae

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