[TRANSCRIPT] BoA Mentions SHINee on Shim Shim Ta Pa

First Mention
Youtube video: here (1:38-2:42)

Shindong: Is there a certain singer, or a certain group, whom you look at and think that they’ll make winning #1 difficult for you?
BoA: Um… SHINee?

ShindongGyuri: Ohhhh!
Shindong: There was an article about that, right? Saying “isn’t this a team-kill? Why are they sending both out at once?” And when SHINee came out on our program, we asked Minho-shi, since BoA-shi is debuting soon, ah, I mean…
BoA: It’s been a while since my debut.
Shindong: Yes, you debuted 10 years ago, I apologize, we asked him, since she’s making her comeback soon, is he concerned about it a little or does he have the confidence to battle it out and win.
BoA: Yes, I saw that article.
Shindong: Did you? And Minho-shi said that he did have the confidence.
BoA: Yes, so I said something to him at the broadcasting station.
Shindong: And what did Minho-shi say?
BoA: What? Well, I said, “Hey Minho-yah, I hear that you have the confidence to beat me.” And he was like, “No I don’t, nuna.”
Shindong: Ah, yes, it’s because we actually pushed him to say that.
BoA: Yes, I heard that you did.
Shindong: Yes, that was our mistake.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Second Mention
Youtube video: here (0:36-1:56)

Gyuri: Though you must treasure them all, who is the hoobae who is particularly lovable from your company?
Shindong: Ahh, that’s not too hard.
Gyuri: Yes.
Shindong: Who would it be?
BoA: Uh… uh… there’s really so many.
Shindong: In her head she’s thinking something like, “If I pick this friend, then this friend will be disappointed.”
Gyuri: Yes.
BoA: Uh… Lee Yeonhee.
Gyuri: Lee Yeonhee-shi.
Shindong: Ah, Lee Yeonhee-shi. Is there a reason?
BoA: I’m extremely close to Yeonhee.
Shindong: Oh, really?
BoA: I’m actually the maknae of my family and I don’t have any sisters, but Yeonhee-yang really feels like my little sister while at the same time my friend. So I feel very comfortable.
Shindong: Ah, I see. In that case, rather than a female hoobae, who would the male hoobae be?
Gyuri: Ah, yes.
Shindong: You didn’t think I’d ask something like this, did you?
BoA: Shindong oppa is ruthless. Male celebrity?
Gyuri: Yes, yes.
Shindong: Yes, among your male hoobaes.
BoA: Among my male hoobaes, ah, really, what do I do?
Shindong: Yes, I’m anticipating this. Truthfully, you really have a lot of people whom you’re close to.
BoA: Jonghyun-ie.
Gyuri: Ah, Jonghyun-shi?
Shindong: Jonghyun-shi? And the reason?
BoA: Because today when I had choreography practice he came over and bought me shaved ice.
Shindong: Ohhh.
Gyuri: That would be lovable.
Shindong: In other words BoA-shi likes material things.

English translation: live laugh love @ soompi

source: livelaughlovetheboainn0

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