Hangeng’s Friendship with Super Junior is Everlasting

Previously, some internet users commented that Hangeng leaving Super Junior for his solo activities is an “Forgetting his benefactor” decision. Through interviews, Hangeng states that he dosen’t mind facing those rumors, “Some says i’m ungrateful,some say i’m forgetting about my own country? Now i returned to my own country so i didn’t forget about my own county, no matter what they say, i don’t mind, it’s impossible for me to bring eveyone’s attention towards me, make everyone say positive things about me, that’s just impossible, so it’s better if i have an open heart.” In addition, eventhough Hangeng left Super Junior, Hangeng stated that he still contact with Choi Siwon, Ryeowook and the other members of Super Junior privately, everyone still continues to be best friends.



“之前,有网友批评韩庚脱离SJ团队单飞发展是一种“忘恩负义”的做法。访谈中,韩庚表示,面对众多传闻他都不在意,“有人说我狼心狗肺,有人说我忘恩负义,有人说我忘本?我现在回国了不是忘本,不管他们说什么,我无所谓,我不可能把所有人的眼光聚在我身上,让所有人都说我好,那是不可能的,所以我的心也放得比较开。” ”此外,虽然已经脱离SJ团队,韩庚表示在私底下他依然与崔始源、厉旭等SJ团队成员保持联系,大家也依然是好友。”

Cr: 尧~妖~~ (Baidu)

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