Micky YooChun’s manager accused of violent act against fan

There has been opinion forming amongst netizens that Dong Bang Shin Ki Micky YooChun’s manager have been acting very violently towards fans. And the police is currently looking into it.

A netizen has posted on an online forum about Micky YooChun manager’s violent behaviour. And under the post is the heated debate amongst netizens on the case. The netizen wrote about how his/her younger sibling have been treated violently by Micky YooChun’s manager, including suffering slaps and hits. The netizen also attached captures from a CCTV video which shows the violent act.

However Micky YooChun’s side’s stand is of the opposite.

His representative told Newsen on 27th July, “There was not hitting but just pushing. It is exaggerating to say that pushing equates to violent act. And we are also currently helping the police with the investigation. The stand of the opposite party is definitely not the truth.”

cr: KBites

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