Sulli embarrasses Jung YongHwa, Jo Kwon and TaeYang on SBS Inkigayo?

Jung YongHwa. TaeYang and Jo Kwon gets embarrassed by ‘giant baby’ f(x) Sulli.

During SBS Inkigayo aired on 25th July, Sulli’s MC-ing together with C.N Blue Jung YongHwa and 2AM Jo Kwon garners great interests. Sulli was seen in a while simple dress and in a pair of killer heels.

But standing in between the 2 other male MCs, netizens have noticed, “She look taller than usual together”, “The air up there must be nice” etc.

And also on the show, TaeYang had won his 2nd Mutizen with the song ‘I Need A Girl’ and during his thank-you speech he had stood with the MCs. And Sulli had seemed especially tall amongst the 3 others. Sulli’s height is at 170cm and with the killer heels, she had appeared especially taller today on the show.

S: Asiae

cr: KBites

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