SNSD Seohyun-f(x) Sulli Past Audition’s Surprising Appearance in “Infinity Challenge”

SNSD Seohyun and f(x) Sulli’s past image made a surprising appearance in “Infinity Challenge”.

The July 24th broadcasted “Wrestling Special” of MBC “Infinity Challenge”, 2 shots after, the Idol Feature Trailer is in progress of being showcased for 31 days. In order for the “Infinity Challenge” idol members to challenge each other, they are making their idol demo tapes, while watching the agency’s auditions, in order to prepare.

That day, Sulli’s and Seohyun’s child appearances were revealed for a little while. SM Entertainment recruited Seohyun and Sulli as minors, as they debuted through their training.

As viewers saw it, their reactions came out as “Sulli and Seohyun’s kid appearances are so cute” “The image when they were young are the same”.

Meanwhile, 2 PM Taecyeon and Orange Caramel rooted for the idol members of the “Infinity Challenge” idol special.

Translated by:
Credits to: 이언혁
Original Article: CLICK


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