Hangeng Lawsuit Verdict Will Be Out On August 17

Former Super Junior (SJ) Chinese member Han Geng and South Korea’s SM Entertainment’s lawsuit is still going on. On July 13, the Seoul District Court answered that the two sides have still not made a consensus. Han Geng’s lawyer said that during the time of the lawsuit, Han Geng has not had any income. Han Geng hopes that after the court verdict, he will still be able to continue his activities in mainland China. And SM Entertainment insists that the contract between them and Han Geng is still in effect. As both sides refuse to compromise, the final outcome of the ruling will take place on August 17.

In addition, Han Geng will be in Mongolia for activities on July 31, while Super Junior member Kangin is now in the army according to the news exposure on July 13.

Source: http://www.m1905.com/news/20100714/359123.shtml
Translations by: elf101586@ sapphirepearls.com
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One response to “Hangeng Lawsuit Verdict Will Be Out On August 17

  1. This breaks my heart really bad…i really wish that they can already settle this so that it wont bring anymore harm to super junior and hangeng….

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