[Trans] SHINee thanks Super Junior in their Album

Shinee 2nd album Thanks To [with SJ parts]

1.Onew : KyuHyun hyung…Don’t get sick ㅜㅜ

2.Jonghyun:Miinah Kyuhyun hyung,please hug me again!

SuperJunior which accompany me to grow since I was young!!
With this generation,the real leader,my teacher~Teuk Hyung~hyung is the best!
Heenim which is the one who approbate to my talent~ Heechul hyung~
Yesung hyung which has the heart just same like hahaha Fergus
The one who brings the vitality to everyone Shindong hyung~ congratulation you!
Suju’s powerful Sungmin hyung~
Ryeowook hyung which is very slim
The best dancer who love to cry a lot and filial guy~Eunhyuk hyung..You won’t forget our promise,right?
Slowly become a line which is kyu line that represent by kyuhyun,really want to make kyu line,hyung?Don’t get sick!
Siwon hyung is the one who lead me my road(future)I’m sure to follow hyung~
Always to be my good hyung and good friend,charisma and perfect
~My donghae hyung!! Because I have hyung,I feel happiness and blessed
And Youngwoon hyung~please take care yourself and faster come back!I’ll word hard to do well!

Chi Trans:雪陵儿
Eng Trans:@sinyi88



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