f(x)’s Krystal wants Kim Jae Wook on We Got Married

f(x)’s Krystal who is currently acting in MBC daily sitcom, More Charming By The Day has expressed that she is a big fan of hot actor, Kim Jae Wook and would love to get “married” with him through We Got Married.

During a break in filming, Krystal gave an interview and expressed that she was envious of her leader, Victoria’s “marriage” with 2PM’s Nichkhun. She said,

“Victoria unnie actually said beforehand that her partner couldn’t be Nichkhun after we had suggested it. She said that they were both foreigners, wouldn’t it be difficult to film if they became a couple on the show? But it was really Nichkhun in the end and I gave Victoria a ‘I told you so’ message and asked to send my regards to Nichkhun to take good care of her.”

When asked if she was envious, Kystal admitted,

“Yes, I am envious. If I get a chance to go on We Got Married, I want to be paired with Kim Jae Wook. I am a big fan of him and he is very handsome. Although i’m not old enough, I want to try it.”

Credit: AKP
Shared and reuploaded by smtownjjang

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