Micky Yoochun: “With Yunho And Changmin, We Still Get Along Like We Used To”

Micky Yoochun, member of the group TVXQ, said, “With U-know Yunho and Choikang Changmin, nothing has changed and we still get along like we used to in the past.”

On 15 July, at the press conference held at Hwaseong, Gyeonggi-do, the filming location for KBS2’s drama [SungKyunKwan Scandal], Micky Yoochun said, “They were both busy (Yunho and Changmin) so we didn’t contact each other as much as expected” and “But after that (the lawsuit), our relationship didn’t change much.”

Since the lawsuit for an injunction against their exclusive contracts with SM Entertainment was filed last year, this is the first time that Micky Yoochun made a solo public appearance.

When asked how he passed his time then, Micky Yoochun said, “I spent it peacefully, learning music, composing, practicing acting and also went to watch movies.” Also, “As we were very busy, I never had the time to visit my parents so I made the decision to spend time with them.”

Micky Yoochun, who made his acting debut in a mobile drama in June this year in Japan, will also greet Korean audience this autumn, not as a singer, but as an actor.

Taking over [My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox], [SungKyunKwan Scandal] is set to air in September this year. Micky Yoochun will be playing Lee Seon Joon, who excels in all aspects – intelligence, wealth, looks – and is the only son of a rich family. A character who was born with a golden spoon in his mouth, Lee Seon Joon develops a taboo love relationship with Kim Yeonhee, who cross-dresses in the drama, which makes it very difficult yet makes the drama interesting.

With regards to why he expanded his activities to include acting, Micky Yoochun said, “I’ve always been interested in acting” and “compared to anything else, the reason why I really want to do it is because ever since I debuted as a singer, I’ve only had one image – Micky Yoochun – but as an actor, there are many other charms that I can show to the audience.”

Youngwoong Jaejoong had continuously given his support to Micky Yoochun before he made his acting debut.

Micky Yoochun laughed as he said, “Jaejoong-hyung told me this before the filming – ‘You should die once too’* and other things that encouraged me.” Jaejoong has already made his acting debut ahead of Micky Yoochun.

Finally, Micky Yoochun said, “After such a long time, I’m really excited and moved to sit here and greet all of you. I will try hard. I want to show my best to everyone. I would really like it if through this drama, I can get an opportunity to show everyone a new side of me.”

t/n: *This is a little hard to explain, but it more or less means to go into a difficult position (since acting is not their forte) and come back. It doesn’t refer to the plot of the drama. 🙂

Source: [e-daily & baiduTVXQ]
Translation credits: mandasoh@tohosomnia.net
Shared by: tohosomnia.net

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