Hangeng speaks out on SM Entertainment human rights violations

In a recent interview on a BTV program on July 12th,Hangeng gave some chilling answers as to why he eventually decided to leave SM Entertainment last year.

Apparently, the decision to leave came after a series of incidents which piled up and made it impossible for Hangeng to stay on.

Hangeng stated that it was true he couldn’t take sick leave nor return to China to visit his family. Even more astounding was the treatment given to him and fellow Super Junior member, Choi Siwon by a SM Entertainment manager after they fell sick two hours before an awards ceremony last year. Check out the excerpt below.

Video Credit: sheracheung

The full interview below which is not subbed.

Video Credit: 81726263

Hangeng’s legal dispute with SM Entertainment remains deadlocked till this day but his activities in China will not be hindered and he will release an album at the end of the month plus holding solo concerts this weekend.

Source: Allkpop
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One response to “Hangeng speaks out on SM Entertainment human rights violations

  1. My gawd! That manager from SM increased the rate of the IV suddenly? Was it supposed to be a fast drip? Is he a doctor to order that? Or a nurse perhaps to do that? That can lead to circulatory overload, and maybe pulmonary edema if worse comes to worse.
    Thank God Hangeng’s body was able to compensate from that.
    And what’s even more scary and mind-blowing is that the manager pulled the needle of the IV directly from the site (vein). Imagine how painful would that be… Aww! That’s really going over board.

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