[VIDEO] Yuri Sexy Wave in Star King

SNSD ‘Yoona’ and Jessica successfully managed to deceive Yuri.
During the broadcast of SBS Star King on the 26th June,with the “Global Star King ” as the special episode,there’s 4 guys that make everyone felt warmth and melted.
This day,SNSD Yoona,Jessica and Yuri,together with the French emcee Adrian of Global Starking attended the recording of the show.When Adrian used French to introduce SNSD ‘Yuri,Yoona and Jessica‘ and they performed their song “Oh!”.
Among these 3 girls,Yuri performed actively and lively,including doing her sexy wave to this, both Yoona and Jessica immediately staged an escape scene.
Yoona and Jessica shouted “Deceive Yuri,success“,and added “no matter how we called for Yuri,she just don’t come over here”,which eventually led Yuri get nervous.Yuri then admitted “I can’t resist the power of passion whenever I’m on stage”,which made the crowd burst out of laughing.

Post by Fanstaengoo & snsdlife@snsd-life.blogspot.com


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