SNSD’s Japanese debut DVD details

Confirmation of the DVD details!
Shoujo Jidai Tourai (Arrival of SNSD) ~Commemorative Edition~ New Beginning of Girls’ Generation
[Limited Edition]
¥7,400 (~US$81)

[Regular edition]
¥3,990 (~US$44)

■ The Limited Edition version (UPBH-29032) will include:
A special lightstick and pass holder for the Ariake event / Ariake Showcase entry pass

■ Both the Limited Edition version (UPBH-29032) & Regular edition (UPBH-20057) will contain:
(Video contents, the order of the songs are unconfirmed)

・Shoujo Jidal Tourai
A special video that will only be featured in this DVD.

・Run Devil Run
・Into The New World
・Girls’ Generation
・Kissing You

■ Shoujo Jidai’s Live Showcase invitation!!
Date: 25 August 2010
Time: Afternoon on the same day
Venue: Tokyo Koto Ward, Ariake Coliseum

The showcase passes are included in the Limited Edition copies of the DVD.
Each pass admits entry for 2.

For more detailed information, please refer to the “Participation Information” enclosed within.


Translated by: doe @
Source: LINK
shared by Fuchsia SMTown Jjang


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