Kim Tae Woo misses Yuri on Invincible Youth

Singer Kim Tae Woo expresses his sorrow towards SNSD’s Yuri missing presence on Invincible Youth. Both were known for their mellow ‘love-line’ on the show.

Every week, Yuri bravely displayed her embarrassing moments on the show with a cool attitude, but we won’t be able to witness her funny character on this show anymore. Due to SNSD’s overseas activities clashing with the Invincible Youth filming schedule, Yuri and Sunny had to withdraw.

Kim Tae Woo told a reporter, “It’s a lie for me to say that I don’t miss Yuri. I think of her often. Whenever I pass by a poster of Yuri at this one farmland, I always stroke her cheek. We still keep in touch by phone but I’m sad that I don’t see her often.”
He also shared his feelings about the new members, “We just finished recording our third recording with the new Invincible Youth members. Sunny and Hyuna were short, and the new members are taller. So, I guess it feels more refreshing in those terms and I think it’ll help attract attract more male viewers.”

He continued, “There are a lot of people who are jealous of my spot on the show. My friends are jealous of me and ask a lot about the G7 members when we go out for a drink.” Honestly, which guy wouldn’t be jealous of him?

Invincible Youth has said its goodbyes toward Yuri, Sunny, and 4minute’s Hyuna. Now Kim So Ri, f(x)’s Victoria, and After School’s Joo Yeon have taken over their empty spots. Koyote’s Kim Jong Min will be a cameo on the show for four weeks as their teaching assistant. This episode will air on the 18th.

reuploaded by Fuchsia SMTown Jjang

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