Jo Kwon and Kim HeeChul saved ‘Family Outing 2′ with double the dose of variety

Idol group ‘variety-dols’ Super Junior HeeChul and 2AM Jo Kwon brings the double effect for SBS Family Outing 2.

On SBS Family Outing 2 aired on 13th June, during the talent show time, the 2 had displayed their unique performances. , winning the attention of the other Family members.

The talent show was put up to celebrate the birthday of the 100-year-old grandmother at the village the Family members visited. Kim HeeChul performed the song ‘Swallowtail’ by Kim HeungKook, while Jo Kwon performed ‘Wa’ by Lee JungHyun.

The performances put up by the 2 had brought double the laughter for TV viewers. Netizens posted up on online bulletin board after the show, “HeeChul and Jo Kwon is the best in variety”, “The 2 were so funny. It is no joke to put these 2 together on a show” etc.

Credit :K Bites
shared by smtownjjang

Video Credit : CrazyCarrot350 @ YT

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