[Trans-Video] Ryeowook said, ”f(x) hoobaes are very cute especially Sulli”

Super Junior loves their hoobaes f(x) very much! They like to take photos with them and the member Heechul seems to be the most luckiest guy in the world because he completed his f(x) collection with the five members a while ago. Do you want to know how much the boys love them, check out the transcript and video below at Young Street!

Heechul: So Ryeowook, when do you feel I have become joong gyung?[1]
Ryeowook: The hoobaes, they’re very cute.
Leeteuk: Recently, who’s the cutest?
Heechul: The cutest female idols recently
Leeteuk: This person, I really want to acknowledge her as my dongsaeng
Ryeowook: No..
Ryeowook: What?
Heechul: Shindong, please control yourself.
Ryeowook: Yes..that’s f(x) dongsaeng
The boys: f(x)! Ahhhhhh!! *cheers and sings f(x)~*
Leeteuk: f(x)…f(x) is five people
Donghae: five people
Kyuhyun: Why must ask whether its five people?
Ryeowook: Isn’t it that we meet in the practice room? In the practice room, its always without make-up. Just like that. Just very pretty.
Leeteuk: Who’s the prettiest?
Ryeowook: me?
Heechul: Who’s the cutest?
Donghae: Who…among the five?
Ryeowook: For me… Sulli

[1] a singer who has certain experience but still have many sunbaes

There’s no reason to dislike the girls =)

VIDEO BY: ryeowookism
SHARED BY: Poppero @ Aff(x)tion Forums
Shared by: smtownjjang.wordpress.com

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