“FO2” Taecyeon confesses, “I liked Yoona from the very beginning

Super Junior Heechul finally met Wonder Girl‘s Sohee, whom he has always been a fan of, and 2PM‘s Taecyeon revealed that he had “liked Yoona from the very beginning,” the other main character of their scandal.

The episode of SBSFamily Outing 2 (FO2)” that aired on the 30th was a ‘memorable student field trip special’ for the Wonder Girls members who have not been able to hang out properly with their school friends as trainees.

[Heechul-Sohee parts omitted]

The Wonder Girls, who are close to Taecyeon because they are from the same company, asked him, “Who do you like the best among the SNSD members?” When Taecyeon answered, “I liked Yuri first,” Sunye revealed, “That’s not true. He liked Yoona from the very beginning.”

Taecyeon then confessed, “I liked Yoona at the very beginning, and I like her the most even now.” When asked whom she would like to have a fake marriage with, Yoona created a strange mood saying, “It’s embarrassing that no one chose Taecyeon […] I’ll choose Taecyeon-oppa.”

Reporter: Moon Tae Kyoung
Credit: My Daily
Article: http://news.nate.com/view/20100530n08425

Translated by melodygreenleaf @ wild2day.org
Shared by: smtownjjang.wordpress.com

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