Family Outing 2 Kim Heechul Meets his Ideal Girl Sohee

Super Junior Heechul (real name Kim Heechul) who has been a fan of Wonder Girls Sohee (real name Ahn Sohee) has met her.

In the recent filming of SBS ‘I Like Sunday’ first half ‘Family Outing 2,’ the family went on a school trip to Kangwondo Jung Sun Gaemindul village for Wonder Girls who weren’t able to properly enjoy their school days with their friends.

Everyone’s attention went to Super Junior Heechul who has been considering himself as Sohee’s big fan. When Heechul met Sohee for the first time, He acted differently, becoming quite. Heechul would laugh and have fun with the members, but when in front of Sohee, Heechul’s face became red and wasn’t able to talk well. He showed an unexpected side of him which made everyone laugh.

However, as the filming continued, Heechul and Sohee became close fast. When playing a Calvary battle game at a river, Heechul received the punishment for Sohee and actively expressed his love by trying to make Sohee laugh with word jokes.

The show airs on May 30th 5:20 PM.

Source: Newsen
Translated by Minnie @ SUJUISM.BLOGSPOT.COM

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