[TRANS] Sukira Transcripts 2010.04.26-28

100426 Shaoyang * Leeteuk
Leeteuk: Today, I was embarrassed by myself. I went to the traditional chinese medicine hospital to get acupuncture and the doctor said I was of a “westerner’s constitution”, and couldn’t eat chicken and blahblah. I said I needed to exercise, and could not abstain from chicken…… The doctor keep saying my body type is ‘Westerners, Westerners’. I was so depressed, why can’t a western body type can’t eat chicken, don’t they keep eating chicken. So, I couldn’t stand it and asked him, “Doctor, what’s a Westerner’s

Constitution”? The doctor laughed immediately, and I realized that I heard wrongly. He meant, Shaoyang constitution, not Western Constitution. I even did a search on it. Shaoyang people’s shoulders and chest are strong, lower limbs are weak, walk with light steps, a sharp chin and full of determination, this is so me……
Eunhyuk: This will differentiate people
Leeteuk: I think you look like a shaoyang person also. Chest shoulders and chest, small face, and weak limbs.
Eunhyuk: My limbs aren’t that weak
Leeteuk: There’s also taiyang people, they have big heads, broad shoulders, strong upper limbs and lower limbs which are a bit weak. I took a hard time learning something today.
* Brief description (Although the one in the transcript seems more understandable~): You are going to find that often shaoyang people have a small, wiry body type. They are very sinewy and always active. Their complexion has an olive tinge to it. They often have a bit of dark under their eyes from an underlying deficiency created by burning the candle at both ends. — From here

100427 Total Teuk-dad
Leeteuk: I realized that I am really old. When Eunhyuk eat something and looks pitiful, I would unconsciously say, “Eunhyuk-ah, eat more”. Then Eunhyuk will say, “Oh I’m full”. When I see him with a bloated look, me myself also feel full even when I didn’t eat, and feel satisfied.
Eunhyuk: When I was eating? Is it because I looked too pitiful?
Leeteuk: Nope, I really felt satisfied.

100427 Leeteuk bought a hamburger with all his heart
Leeteuk: When I am dating a girl, I would treat her wholeheartedly, even if she is just a female friend. Last time, there was a girl who treated me very well, and I really wanted to repay her kindness. Once, when she fell sick and was resting at home, she texted me that she wanted to eat hamburger. It was when I haven’t debut, and I ran to the hamburger shop to get one burger, and told her to come out. However she just had a surgery so she couldn’t move. Therefore I told her that I left the burger outside her doorstep and when she sees the message, she could come out and get it……
Eunhyuk: If it’s me who wanted the burger, would you buy for me?
Leeteuk: There’s delivery now, there isn’t any delivery services last time, go away.

100427 Stressful Leeteuk
Leeteuk: Few days ago I had a nightmare. Me and you, with some members and some female members in a radio recording studio…
Eunhyuk: Whoa so blessful
Leeteuk: KTR was so popular, we were even known in USA’s Los Angeles, and were invited to do a live there. We went, but when it was time for recording, our scripts didn’t come, and the guests were nowhere to be seen. I was already introducing the show and you arrived. The microphone was set up, but there wasn’t any sound. So we kept playing songs instead. When the songs were playing, I was busy scolding you, and the guests at the side saw the situation and shouted at me. The moment they shout, I woke up.
Eunhyuk: I think your everyday stress have piled up, are you unhappy with KTR nowadays?
Leeteuk: Nope nope, I am merely too stressed.

100428 Eunhyuk’s 25th birthday
Eunhyuk: April 4th, my birthday, we were rehearsing our dance, so I didn’t expect any surprises as everybody was so busy, nobody would remember. Who knows, when it was break, the lights suddenly went off, and I thought the electricity tripped, and even shouted. Then, Leeteuk and f(x)’s Luna suddenly popped out, and everybody brought out a cake, which caught me by surprise as I didn’t expect it. Thank you everybody.
Leeteuk: Cheh~ What’s there to be thankful for.

*Updated with special guest Rain:

Source: Kim Seohye’s CY
Translation: (L) @ SJ-WORLD.NET
Rain photos: 1 + 2
Via: icepluscoffee


reuploaded by Fuchsia SMTown Jjang

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