Super Junior-M wins award, records new album!

Super Junior-M received the Mengniu Dairy China TOP award for Most Popular Group (polled in Mainland China). They were not present to receive the award personally, obviously, but Zhou Mi, Henry, and Siwon recorded an acceptance speech. Only Zhou Mi and Henry spoke and they mentioned that they are recording a new album. Video of their speech and a transcript below:

All: To everyone in the MusicRadio audience, hello, we are Super Junior M.
Zhou Mi: We’re very happy to receive the Mengniu Dairy-sponsored award for Most Popular Group, but regret that because of work, we can’t be at the ceremony to share our joy with you all, but we thank you very much for all of your support.
Henry: First, we’d like to thank our record company, SM, as well as MusicRadio, and um… and…
Zhou Mi: Mengniu Dairy!
Henry: Right! Oh, and of course, our fans.
Zhou Mi: Super Junior M has spent two years in China now, and because we have your support, we will keep working hard! Also, we will record our new album, and we hope that everyone will continue to support us. Thank you!
All: We are Super Junior M!

Credit:evaporate @ LJ for translation/transcript
Posted by Kacey @ dailykpopnews
Shared By: shaynerenee@SJ-WORLD.NET

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