Seohyun has made SNSD constipated?

Just when you thought SNSD’s maknae couldn’t get any more cuter, her revelation on Strong Heart may cause just about anyone to think twice about borrowing money from her.

On a recent episode of SBS’s Strong Heart, Seohyun revealed how she is very prudent when it comes to lending out money. Seohyun even stated she remembers every penny that is borrowed. When asked if she remembered anyone in particular from the group who borrowed money off of her and did not repay her, she went on to bring up Yuri who borrowed $1.60 to purchase some candy…mind you, this was when they were in junior high which caused laughter amongst the guests. Seohyun also continued with the story that she collects 1000 won (equivalent to $1) for every minute that they are late for an event and due to this, she has amassed in millions of won which they use for their dorm necessities. Taeyeon adds on how very stiff and precise Seohyun is calling her a “constipation” which amasses into an eruption of laughter.

While on the topic of constipation, they switch over to farting in public and they asked SNSD if they fart infront of one another. Hyoyeon denied it saying they are still not at that comfort level but Super Junior’s Leeteuk begged to differ and shared a hilarious story about what happened on a bus they shared. The story that Leeteuk shared caused even Kang Hodong to literally “ROFL”. To see the entire cut with english subtitles and see what Leeteuk revealed, check out the video below:

cr: omgkpop

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