[NEWS] Kibum at Jumunjin’s Press Conference

The press conference of the movie “Jumunjin” has been held on December 23rd’s morning at Seoul Myeongdong Lotte cinema.

During the press conference, when was asked how did he feel of acting with the long hair, Kibum said “Because my hair is long so it cost me a lot in buying the shampoo”,”I didnt know girls suffer a lot like that when they have a long hair”, “When I eat, sometimes there are hairs in my mouth so it’s quite annoyed” and “Most of the scenes in the movie are my real long hair”.

When was asked how does he feel about filming his first movie, Kibum said “I felt very nervous but also excited”, “I had worked very hard because I want my work can be remembered forever. I feel very good to film my first movie”

He also said “I dont have so much lines in the movie. (And) Expressing your inner feeling without saying a word is not easy at all”

Director Ha Myeongjoong said “He’s a very sensitive actor. He’s an actor who has a much better ability than me”, “During the filming time, those two didnt leave Jumujin. They had fasted in order to film the movie. They didnt eat during the filming time, just eat when it (the filming time) ended, they had lost 8~10kg”.

The movie “Jumunjin” will be released on January 21st, 2010.

original article here, here, here
translated by evanesco@sj-world.net
thanks venus for the shout out

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